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Cylinder escutcheon CR-100

Escutcheon in stainless steel for euro cylinder CR-100.

CC-50 mm base in Zamak.

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Item noMaterialTreatment
429710Stainless steel (AISI304)/ZamacSatin polished


To mount:

  • Place the cylinder in the correct position through the lock case.
  • Slide the base plate over the key cylinder and mount it on the door, using two screws.
  • Remove the key cylinder. Place the top plate to the left side of the base plate and tilt it approximately 45 degrees inward. Fold it at the same time over the base plate until it clicks.
  • Reinstall the key cylinder to the correct position. Finished.

When disassembling:

  • Remove the cylinder from the lock case . On the right side inside the keyhole, is visible a small lever with a hole. Take a pointed object (a paperclip) and pull out the lever inwards to the keyhole.
  • Release the top plate and unscrew the bottom plate.