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Safety bow eye

This extra-safe Class III bow-eye with break-off nuts complies with SSFN 020:1 and is to be used with a Class III chain and padlock to fulfill insurance regulations. The Blackline collection presents this safety bow-eye in stylish black!

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The Bow Eye is a Class III bow-eye endowed with break-off nuts that can comply with the standards set by Special Forces Survival Training (SSFN standard 020:1). These safety bow-eyes break off at 70 NM torque. Treated with PVD, these Class III bow-eyes are more robust, and harder than regular bow-eyes. Their surface is also more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel.

The Bow Eyes and their adjustable finished nuts are ideal for rugged applications, military, and special forces training as it can handle safety scenarios that demand better built and composition.


  • Bow: Hardened stainless steel, PVD coated
  • Nuts: Hardened stainless steel, electro-polished
  • Washers: Stainless steel AISI 316, electropolished

Salient Attributes:

  • Beautiful black in appearance and extremely durable
  • Complies with SSFN 020:1 standards
  • Includes hardened stainless steel bolts, bow nuts, and washers
  • Bow-eyes break-off at 70 Nm torque
  • Perfect for fastening shrouds, lifelines, blocks, etc.
  • Electro-polished and PVD-coated components
  • Stronger than and more corrosion-resistant than standard bow-eyes
  • Can be used with Class III chain and padlock to fulfill insurance regulations
  • Extra-safe


-Integral to survival training camps

-Links rigging accessories

-Ski tow hooks and mooring devices along with other marine equipment



Item noMaterialNoteTreatmentStock
422030Hardened stainless steel (AISI630)M12PVD Gray / ElectropolishedOn Stock
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