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Automatic sliding door system MOTION RG-395

ROCA Motion is our silent and multi-functional automatic sliding door system. It features a sleek and minimalistic design, easy to use functionality and low energy consumption. Several different functions are available making ROCA Motion the obvious choice for almost any indoor application.

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  • Designed to fit an 8-12 mm glass door, with a maximum weight of 80 kilos, only suitable for tempered or laminated glass
  • Low noise level, max 55 dB
  • High durability, tested 500.000 cycles on a 80 kg door
  • Easy installation and low maintenance requirement, please contact us for assembly instructions
  • Power supply: 100~240V AC: 50/60Hz
  • Circuit protection: 1 A

Can be supplemented with motion sensor RG-396 depending on your intended application


Item noMaterialLength = mmTreatmentAmount
861940Aluminum (different in inner parts)2000Anodized natural (different on inner parts)
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