Adapter 1″, 90°

The angled adapter of 90° is a thru-hull fitting of immense importance, especially as part of marine equipment.

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The angled adapter of 90° is utilized as a thru-hull fitting, ideally to expel wastewater or to let seawater in.

  • Ideal to expel waste-water or let in seawater through the angular shape
  • Includes an angle of 90° to fit the hull of the boat
  • Constructed from Nylon 6/6
  • Compliant with ABYC 500# static load standard
  • Can fit in with tubes of different diameters
  • Made of plastic (PA)


Item noMaterialFitsStock
210315Plastic (PA)5/8" tubeProduced on demand
210316Plastic (PA)3/4" tubeProduced on demand
210317Plastic (PA)1" tubeProduced on demand
210318Plastic (PA)1 1/8" tubeProduced on demand
210319Plastic (PA)1 1/4" tubeProduced on demand
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