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We offer a wide range of locks and latches with focus on function, design and reliability.

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ROCA Products

    Barrel bolts

    Secure your windows, doors, and cabinets with our wide selection of barrel bolts. We offer many different sizes, designs, and treatments.

    Eccentric latches

    ROCA has a wide range of eccentric latches for industrial and marine environments. Whether you are looking for a standard or unique design you will find it here. We offer eccentric latches in many different shapes and sizes, as well as a diverse range of catch plates so you easily can find your perfect fit.

    Hatch locks

    Hatch locks include safety hasps, door holders, elbow catches, stud catches and push button locks. Every hatch lock consists of a push lock, knob, and a ring. They are ideal for cabinet doors, light doors, and cupboard doors.

    Hood latch

    Flexible in its closed position and quick opening of, for example, engine shutters. Very common on race cars. Metal parts in stainless steel.

    Lift handles

    For easy opening of any type of hatch with our elegant lift handles. We offer many different strong and durable lifting handles and lifting pull rings.

    ROCAs high-quality lift handles in stainless steel are designed for the marine environment. The handles feature flush mounting for easy installation and a retrogressive spring which makes the handle vibration resistant. For compression and slam latches see our marine assortment.

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