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If you’re looking for high-quality handles and handrails in different shapes and materials, look no further.

Our wide selection of elegant handles and handrails offer different sizes and materials for all kinds of applications within the interior, marine, and industrial sector.

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ROCA Products

    Plastic handles

    Have a look at our selection of high-quality plastic handles that include pull handles and lift handles predominantly.


    Chest handle

    Sturdy chest handle with spring-loaded grip.

    Wire handles

    Neat and easy-to-fit wire handles in solid electropolished stainless steel for all kinds of applications

    Bowl handles

    Bowl Handles are essential to handle light to medium weight interior sliding doors. Some include recessed handles that are ideal for heavy ship doors and heavy industrial doors.


    Tubular handrails in electro polished acid-proof stainless steel for the toughest conditions. Assembly from above with mounting plates or from the underside directly into the tube.

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