Shower system, RG-900

A shower system with great style and quality.

Our slim and elegant glass fittings for building steady and reliable shower glass walls and shower doors. Not only will they last – they will probably never go out of style.

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ROCA Products

    Shower hinges

    Our wide range of shower and sauna hinges. Choose among hinges for all kinds of shower solutions, in black or chrome-plated brass or aluminum.

    Shower clamps

    Elegant and sleek glass clamps in black or chrome-plated brass for easy and safe mounting of tempered glass panes in shower walls.


    Door knobs & pull handles

    Elegant door knobs and handles in various designs and materials for swing or sliding shower doors.

    Shower Sealings

    The shower sealing profiles in durable plastic prevent water leakage and complete your glass shower walls.

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