Decibel Standard

Elegantly designed, flexible, and desired by many customers – the Decibel aluminum profiles for standard single and double doors.

Feel free to download our guide which explains the difference between Decibel Edge and Decibel Standard.

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    • How to easily install the Decibel Standard

ROCA Products

    Decibel Standard door frames

    Swing door solutions with aluminum frames and special fittings for sound-reducing glass doors.

    Decibel El-zone

    A smart solution for hiding the electrical wiring and network cabling in a Decibel Standard glass door installation or a standalone electricity zone.


    Decibel Standard thresholds

    Elegant sound-reducing thresholds in different materials and designs for our Decibel Standard door frames.

    Decibel Standard lock fittings

    All the lock fittings you will need for your Decibel Standard sound-reducing glass doors.

    Lock solutions for Decibel Standard

    A range of smart electrical or battery-operated lock solutions for your Decibel Standard glass door.

    Decibel Standard fittings packages

    Assembly kits with all the fittings needed for completing your Decibel Standard glass wall solution.

    Decibel Standard fittings

    Make your Decibel Standard glass door solutions complete. Here you will find all the hinges, door closers, and other accessories for a perfect result.

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