Decibel Edge

A sleek aluminum door frame in an edgy design.

Decibel Edge is designed to seamlessly integrate into your space, providing a clean and modern look.

Feel free to download our guide which explains the difference between Decibel Edge and Decibel Standard.

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ROCA Products

    Decibel Edge aluminum profiles

    Thin and modern aluminum door frames with a nice linear appearance where the edges appear flush with the surrounding glass wall.

    Decibel Edge thresholds

    Elegant and sound-reducing thresholds in aluminum for the Decibel Edge door frames.

    Decibel Edge fittings

    Matching fittings for the Decibel Edge aluminum door frame with the same angular and slim design.

    Decibel Edge fittings packages

    Assembly kits with all the accessories needed for a complete installation of the Decibel Edge door frame.

    Decibel Edge lock fittings

    Modern lock case fittings in a more edgy and slim design to fit with the Decibel Edge aluminum profiles.

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