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Glass fittings

Discover our wide range of smart quality fittings for glass doors, systems for railings and sliding doors and our solutions for shower screens and doors.

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  • Wheel set for sliding door ECO RG-391

    New ROCA ECO. Sliding door system with smooth design and high functionality. Track and cover RG-385 sold separately. Can be fitted with a variety of options. Among others against the wall of glass or wood / concrete and between the floor and ceiling. Suitable for 8-10mm doors with a weight up to 60kg. The unit is tested according to EN 1527 in 100,000 cycles. For installation, mounting options and dimensioning of the glass referred to our underlying archive file.
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  • Alu frame, ROCA Decibel

    ROCA Decibel is a system of glass fittings that allows you to build sound-reducing sections in an open space. With Decibel it's easy to create a separate room in the room, without losing the sense of light and openness.

    Balustrades, OnLevel

    A complete range for professional glass mounting.

    Point fittings, RG-100

    High quality point fittings for sliding doors, swing doors, balustrades, glass panels and much more.

    Patch fittings RG-200

    A range of glass fittings for single doors or double doors with or without fixed glass walls.

    Sliding doors, RG-300

    High-quality fittings for sliding doors.

    Door lock system, RG-400

    Locks for all kinds of glass doors.

    Profile systems, RG-500

    Our complete selection of high-quality class profiles.

    Tools & Supplies, RG-600

    Here you can brows through our wide selection of tools and supplies.

    Railing systems, RG-700

    See our wide selection of railing systems.

    Glass clamp, RG-800

    A wide range of clamps for interior and exterior railings

    Shower system, RG-900

    High quality fittings for glass walls and shower doors

    Door closers

    High quality door closers

    Pull handles

    Pull handles for glass doors