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Window handles Björkö, Prästö and Tyresö

Our family of window- and balcony door handles is constantly growing and you will find handles for all sorts of windows.

For interior and exterior usage, for outward, inward, dreh-kip and rotating windows. With or without cylinder locks, child safety features and much more.


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    • Fits most eras
    • For interior and exterior mounting
    • With or without cylinder lock
    • Child safety device according to EN-16281
    • Different types of windows in an object, the same look on all windows handles

    Instructional Videos

    • ROCA Window handles

    Alla tillbehör skapar en helhet Här presenterar vi tillbehör som gör att du får en komplett handtagserie med samma utformning på handtaget när du väljer olika typer av fönster till din lägenhet eller villa.


    A modern window handle in a timeless retro design. Perfect for any architectural style - art nouveau, functionalism as well as modern architecture.


    Its retro design makes it the perfect window handle for functional architecture, but also for any modern building.


    A stylish window handle for modern architecture