Excellent grades for our webinars

In november, ROCA Industry arranged two webinars for customers and all those who are interested about marine equipment and wipers. The participants gave us thumbs up and now you can watch the webinars when it suits you the best!


New features on ROBUST

Our latest feature for ROBUST, Easy-release, makes it easy to fold a wider shelf with one hand only. Softclose is another new feature that lets the tabletop lower more slowly, thus increasing safety.

Eccentric latch

A covered latch that saves space

Our new generation of covered eccentric latches features an elegant and smooth finish, combined with sleek functioning design. The covered eccentric latches from ROCA save space even in an open position owing to its flat design.

Compact living

5 solutions for compact living

As more and more people are living in smaller homes, a concept called compact living has inspired a new wave of creative solutions. Here you’ll find tips and products that conjure up space you didn’t know you had.

Corona impact

Will Corona impact your industry?

We made a simple survey in order to see how our customers are coping with the Corona crisis.

Rakego soft folding bracket

Brand new soft folding Rakego

A soft folding addition to ROCA:s range of Rakego folding brackets. Rakego Soft is the same unique folding bracket as the standard Rakego, but with an extra soft folding feature. Just like the other Rakego folding brackets it can be used everywhere – from cramped ship bunks to cabins on commercial vehicles to hospital trolleys, in cafes, shops, and offices all around the world. They can max out the living space in any compact living, micro-apartment, or tiny house - anywhere you want to create more space. The new Rakego Soft folding bracket features a damper that reduces the folding impact and minimizes the risk of getting the fingers pinched.

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