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Information on cookies from Roca

According to the Act on Electronic Communication which came into force on 25 July 2003, everyone visiting a website placing cookies must be told:
  • that the website places cookies,
  • what these cookies are used for, and
  • how cookies can be avoided.
Ch. 6 § 18 of the Act on Electronic Communication, see the first sentence:
Electronic communication networks may be used to store or gain access to information that is stored in the subscriber’s or user’s terminal equipment only if the subscriber or user receives information from the controller of personal data about the purpose of the processing and is given an opportunity to impede such processing. This does not prevent such storage or access that is required to perform and facilitate the transfer of electronic messages via an electronic communications network or which is necessary to provide a service that the user or subscriber has expressly requested.

Blocking cookies

If you do not wish to accept cookies, your web browser can be set so that your computer automatically refuses to store cookies or else notifies you every time a website asks to store a cookie. You can also use your browser to delete cookies already stored. See your browser’s help pages for more information. Below you will find information aon how to define your own personal settings for cookies in the most common browsers. Note that some functions in the service may not work if you do not accept cookies.
  • If you are using Firefox, this is what you do: Go to Tools: Preferences and then click on Privacy. There you can set the cookies under Cookies.
  • If you are using Netscape, this is what you do: Go to Edit: Preferences and then click on Advanced. You can then select a security level under Cookies.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, this is what you do to block cookies: Go to Tools: Options, Security and click on Custom level.
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