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Five solutions for designing compact homes

Think compact living and max out your home space

As more and more people are living in smaller homes, a concept called compact living has inspired a new wave of creative solutions. Here, you’ll find tips and products that conjure up space you didn’t know you had.

The trend is clear: urbanization will only continue. By 2050, it’s predicted that as much as 66% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. As more and more people are moving to cities, we’ll find ourselves living in more confined spaces. In cities such as New York, Tokyo and London, tiny new homes are already being built for those seeking a city address with all its benefits. How about a 15m2 city apartment for a one person household or a co-living space at a downtown address with your own small room and common areas such as kitchen and study?
While the concept of overcrowding was previously regarded as a sign of poverty, the current trend for smaller homes is leading to a flow of creative solutions that aim to get the most out of confined spaces. It also goes hand in hand with a minimalist and sustainable approach that allows us to be freer in our thoughts, save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

Phenomena such as compact living, micro-apartments, the tiny house movement and modern co-housing are all signs of a more conscious and efficient way of building homes that have a lower energy consumption and offer new features adapted to today’s needs. Scaling down our living space doesn’t have to mean a compromise on comfort, privacy and personal space.

The development also focuses on creating outdoor spaces such as parks and places for socializing and leisure activities. Thus, these new living spaces will help cities to accommodate a greater number of inhabitants.
So what’s the best way to max out your living space? If your living space is to be as functional as possible and support all your daily needs, there’s only one way to go. Smart features. Details and solutions that make your residence a real home.

Five solutions to make your home feel bigger:

  1. Build upwards
    With smart and flexible shelving brackets, you can utilize height without using up valuable floor space.
  2. Fold up… and fold down
    Wall-mounted furniture with folding brackets allow for a seat or table that wouldn’t otherwise fit there.
  3. Smart storage
    Make the most out of dead space by using every available square inch. Why not build a storage space under your stairs or bed?
  4. Multitask your space
    Fold up and adjust your table to fit more or fewer dinner guests.
  5. Create a room in a room
    A stylish glass wall helps to create a bright and quiet extra room… in the room.