Lars-Åke Redéen

"Corona pandemic had positive effects on the boating industry"

Boat builders and boat sellers were really busy during the corona pandemic. Just because boating turned out to be a good option when people could not go abroad in the same way as before. This according tot Lars-Åke Redéen, jury member of the Boat Builders Awards, which is awarded at this year's Metstrade trade fair in Amsterdam.


"The ROCA wiper motors never let us down"

You have probably seen them before - time-lapse films from construction sites that document the progress of a project in a fascinating way. These films are professional work, done by professional providers. One of them is the company MK Timelapse, who has been purchasing windscreen wiper motors from ROCA for years.

Latch covered

5 reasons for covered eccentric latches

Eccentric latches are used on almost every boat. There are various models to choose from, but first, you need to decide whether to use the open standard models or the more modern covered models. In this article, we tell you the pros of the covered models!

How to choose the right wiper system for your boat

When it comes to safe boating, the wiper system on your boat is crucial. In this article, we present areas and components you need to be careful with when choosing wiper system for your boat.


One size does fit all!

Finding the proper wiper system shouldn’t be hard, and you shouldn’t have to go to different places to collect all the products that you need. The perfect wiper system should be flexible enough to adapt to each and every windscreen, regardless of size, angle or position. 


The must-have wiper functions

When it comes to wipers there are endless of options available on the market, making choosing the right type for your purpose complex. Function, fitting and looks – where does one start? Luckily, we have the answers.


Matte black - the easy way to make marine equipment fashionable

Over the years, marine equipment has gone from something that only needs to be functional to something that has to be equally aesthetically appealing. Because even though they might be small, marine fittings make a big difference and truly influence a boats’ overall impression. And you don’t want to compromise on the looks of your boat – nor should you.  

Wipers - change sweep angle and parking position

Wipers - how to change sweep angle and parking position

When installing a new wiper in your boat or vehicle you always need to set the sweep angle and parking position accurate to get an optimised sweep pattern. In normal cases, this is quite an effort requiring resources and time. But not when it comes to ROCA's products - here you need barely one minute to do the same task.   

Folding brackets solve challenges in medical areas

Areas such as hospitals, health centers and rehab receptions often pose major challenges to those who want to furnish them - and even more to them who work in them. There is usually a shortage of space, at the same time as space is needed for patients and staff to move around. Add to that regulations and the personel's desire for safety and flexibility, and you easily understand the difficult task interior designers are faced with. 


IP rating explained

IP (or “Ingress Protection”) ratings are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical devices against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt, etc) and moisture.

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